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We love working with local businesses that are steeped in originality and genuine customer service. Tipsy Treats is a business that infuses small amounts of alcohol with scrumptious sweets. If you have a sweet tooth watch out, because they will have you hooked. They’ve served all across the GTA from VIP afterparties to your best friend’s birthday bash.

TIpsy Treats - Product Shoot 1_Peepthast

Our aim for Tipsy Treats was to create a unified aesthetic that was contemporary, eye-catching and a joy to scroll through. We wanted to leverage .gifs to add a more eye-catching dynamic. By creating grid projections the client was able to envision the final result of their Instagram page and provide input into the sequencing. 

Peepthasteez_Tipsy Treats Grid Projectio
Design SM Content - Tipsy Treats Youhadm
TIpsy Treats - Product Shoot 6_Peepthast

The colours of the Instagram grid aesthetic reflected seasonal holidays. By creating product photography and captions that spoke to the essence of these holidays (Valentines day, Mother’s day) with tailored original creative assets we were able to boost engagement by 112% MoM. 

good things take time inspo.jpg
Design SM Content - Tipsy Treats Offferi
TIpsy Treats - Product Shoot 7.jpg
TIpsy Treats - Product Shoot 1.jpg


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Peepthasteez_Kombucha - 2 glasses top vi
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