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Experimentation is the spice of life and this is exactly how I stumbled upon this refreshing and unique mix. This actually went down on my birthday but these drinks have deserved their right to span year long and not just in the summer time. I get all my born days crackin’ with a few Kombucha Mimosas because 1) it’s a healthier alternative than boxed OJ and 2) it’s simply baller as f**k. If you're into that refreshing, light, crisp finish with less sugar, this is for you my friend. 


Take the privilege of poppin' bottles to the next level by cracking your favorite flavour of Kombucha drink (shout outs to GT’s Synergy Lemonade Citronade, Guava Goddess and Tantric Turmeric,) and make your very own bubbly Kombucha Mimosa drank. Paired perfectly with Freixenet Cordon Negro Brut Cava, a light and citrusy sparkling wine with sugar content on the lower end at only 10g/L.

Peepthasteez_Komboucha Mimosas 3 Glasses
Peepthasteez_Kombucha Mimosas Ingredient
Peepthasteez_Tantric Turmeric Komboucha
Komboucha Mimosas 2 glasses 3 edited.jpg
Peepthasteez_Kombucha Mimosas Gradient 2
Peepthsteez_Kombucha Mimosas Lemonade Ci

Kombucha is a fermented green or black tea drink packed with probiotics from the fermentation process along with antioxidants. The probiotics help aid in digestion and contribute to overall wellbeing of the immune system as well.  There is tons of evidence supporting the benefits of tea and probiotics found in kombucha and many people also believe it can be used to treat a variety of chronic health problems. That's why it our go to healthier, alternative to the usual sugary addition of orange juice. 

Using natural sunlight to our advantage made it easy and simple to capture this crisp and enlivening mix. Enjoy them for brunch, birthdays and celebrations of all kinds as they make a perfect conversation companion. I'm most definitely introducing these to friends and family as we got Thanksgiving right around the corner... and the holiday season isn't too far out either (how?!). Feel free to wild out and have several, there won’t be a sugar crash like your regular shemgular OJ based mimosa.



We used three flavors, Tantric Turmeric, Guava Goddess and Lemonade Citronade with a bottle of Freixenet Cava Sparkling Wine. To top it all off we garnished each mimosa flute with some succulent berries and llime to keep it extra fly.


You can get the exact kombucha we got from Healthy Planet and Freixenet's sparkling wine from LCBO.

Peepthasteez_ Tantric Turmeric top view
Peepthasteez_Komboucha Mimosas Gradient
Peepthasteez_Kombucha - 2 glasses top vi
Peepthasteez_Kombucha Mimosas Guava Godd
Peepthasteez_Kombucha Mimosas Gradient 2
Peepthasteez_Kombucha Mimosas Guava Godd
Peepthasteez_Kombucha Mimosas Lemonade C
Peepthasteez_Kombucha Mimosas_Tantric Turmeric_Lemonade


Design - Puma Nova Sporty_Peepthasteez.j


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