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Being conscious of your speech and putting an end to uttering self-sabotaging curses is a daily practice. It all starts from feeling worthy and deserving though. Our daily dialogue patterns are a big part of the affirmation process and an indicator of our self love tank. Applying discernment towards phrases that diminish our power and connection to the Universe/God is a major key in clearing road blocks and turning on the spigot of abundance.

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The English language is tricky, it's magical and full of spell(ing). It's been known as a bastard language woven from countless influences across the Euro-Asia. A great way to

set your subconscious up for success is by drilling into the root etymology of certain words, to understand what this mf really saying and speak into existence the highest aligned outcomes.


For example, if you wish to affirm more wealth in your life you know the foundation/origin of that word and the feeling it evokes is in feeling WELL/good health. There is no wealth without the well-being of your mental and physical condition.


If you desire affluence, the latin root means “to flow toward.” Knowing the essence of the words you're working with clarifies your intent and gives your focus a greater magnitude.

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Etymology Of Affluent.png

These subtle expansions in perception coupled with focused intent and action will compound momentum and truly have your manifestation game poppin'.






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