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Being in Punjab is always a visceral experience for us as this is the land that birthed us. Spending our childhood here has always provided a colorful contrast with the Western world and a stark reminder of the many privileges we at times forget to cherish. 

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Jalandhar Punjab - Mai Hiran Gate - Gran

In a city so dense, every square inch is valuable. Rooftops are used for multiple purposes, whether it’s a quiet study spot, a place to nap or hang your laundry to dry.

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Conversely, in the night time the shops close and the bazaar clears leaving the streets empty. There are no dedicated bike lanes or green spaces so the kids have to make tight alleyways their playground and place of adventure.

Jalandhar Punjab - Mai Hiran Gate - Peep

My grandma’s neighborhood is in the ancient city of Jalandhar, Punjab. As the morning sun shines through the walled bazaar, it brings light to the hustle and bustle of the market.

Punjab - Jalandhar - Grandma Coconut Oil

Offering a coconut oil massage in your hair is a very symbolic gesture of love in Punjabi-Indian culture. Grandma used to provide us with these massages during childhood and now we return the favour with much love. 

Punjab - Jalandhar - Mai Hiran Gate Root


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