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The Mumbai pulse can be felt as soon as you are about to land. The city is one of the most densely populated places on Earth and India’s financial and entertainment capital. From towering skyscrapers to the largest slums, the city provides a glaring look at India’s rapidly evolving economy. 

The dining options are numerous, cheap and sensational. You can travel the entire town on a $20 Uber cruising from Marine drive to the many shopping malls or hit up a roof top patio at the end of the night to take in the metropolis. With so much to absorb and do, you’ll be looking forward to melting in your bed so you can do it all over again the next day!

Mumbai Mosque 2 - Peepthasteez - Travel
Plane View Mumbai 4 - Peepthasteez - Tra
Mumbai Mosque 1 - Peepthasteez - Travel.
Mumbai Folks Resting On Sidewalk - Peept
Mumbai Skyline - Peepthasteez - Travel.j
Mumbai Kids in line - Peepthasteez - Tra
Mumbai In Car Sun Set - Peepthasteez - T
Mumbai Hotel - Peepthasteez - Travel.jpg
Mumbai Man Selling Books - Peepthasteez


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