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A weekend to get a bite out of The Big Apple is not nearly enough. Matter fact, you’ll get a nibble but it’ll be a nibble that packs an adderall punch. That’s NYC’s energy in a nutshell. Toronto on roids. Our hotel was in Midtown as being first time tourists we wanted the convenience of walking to the billboard mecca that is Time Square. We decided to dive into Manhattan head first and the first thing we had to do was grab a local slice.

Karty At Big L Mural - New York City - P

Being children of hiphop, NYC is a playground and a museum combined for us. Mohna and I hit up Lower East Side to scope out some of our favourite streetwear brands (s/os A-life and Stussy). Then we shimmy’d on up to Harlem and pay respects to the infamous Big L mural. The NYC subway will have you appalled at that thing we call the TTC. The train frequency, the abundance of stops and lines, from the crazies to the break dancers, NYC got this on lock.

Time Square - New York City - Peepthaste
Building With Metal Stairs - New York Ci
World Trade Center One - New York City -
Central Park Carriage - New York City -
Time Square Billboard 2 - New York City
I86 Car Fire - New York City On Road - P
NYC Skyline Highway - New York City - Pe
Birds Flying - New York City On Road - P


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