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Spending the night in Frankfurt on Dec 30th was not the most blockbuster of an idea. The locals were hibernating and the entire city had a dormant vibe to it. The Main Tower provided us with a chilly (as it’s windy af at the top) but sensational aerial view of the city. Much of Frankfurt had to be rebuilt as it was bombed to smithereens during WWII. The locals are friendly and surprisingly bilingual. European mass transit for some reason always seems to eclipse the shitty antiquated trains we have running here. Lite rails and trains swoosh around the city as we took a cab to the Main Tower. Frankfurt felt like the Mississauga of Germany including the multiculturalism. 

Sunrise - Frankfurt - Peepthasteez - Tra
Twin Buildings - Frankfurt - Peepthastee
Rhine River Aerial View - Frankfurt - Pe
Intersection - Frankfurt - Peepthasteez
Streets - Frankfurt - Peepthasteez - Tra
Ariel Streets - Frankfurt - Peepthasteez
Green Building Aerial View - Frankfurt -
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