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In summer 2017 the team is having a meeting and @stephaniefernandez.png mentioned how cool it would be to design a sneaker. Fast forward a month and low and behold the law of attraction answered the call and we get approached by Lola Plaku from Lola Media Group to help bring her ideas to life for the Puma Nova sneaker. It was an honor to be on board this project and help Lola actualize the vision she had for the sneakers. It's a pleasure to work with someone who has been such a machine behind the scenes of current day pop culture. When your client is dedicated to innovation and excellence, there's a natural synergy at play.

Design - Puma Nova Mood Board Sample 2_P

It was an immediate yes from our end. We were thrilled to be working with her to materialize these fly kicks that cover the dynamic range of the modern day female. It can be overwhelming predicting which style will dominate two years from now. Projecting the curve of fashion is a combination of calculation and intuition. After days of research, drafts and rendering possible colorways we established these mood boards and colorway compositions as those that reflect  "GRL PWR" and “GRL BOSS” releases.

Consulting Planning - Puma Nova_Peepthas
Puma Sample 2 - TECHNICAL.png

Our team provided consulting services of concept development, design ideation and overall strategy. To translate Lola's vision for the range of the female identity, the team conducted focus groups, social media polls, university campus surveys. Then conceiving colourways, materials, and overall direction of the sneakers through market research we rendered digital illustrations, and conceptual mood boards to provide a cohesive visual and strategic direction for each shoe release.

Design - Puma Nova Sporty_Peepthasteez.j
Design - Puma Nova Mood Board Sample 1_P
PUMA Sample 1 Orange.png
Design - Puma Nova
Design - Puma Nova Drop 1 Girly Moodboar
Design - Puma Nova Drop 2 Work Mood Boar
Design - Puma Nova Drop 1 Lifestyle Mood
Design - Puma Nova Drop 2 Sporty Mood Bo




Kombucha Mimosas - Peepthasteez
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