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The Los Angeles vibe is the silver surfer personified, wavy and blissful. As we drove around bumping Dom Kennedy and Anderson .Paak, everything was perfect… except the traffic. Regardless, L.A county will capture your senses. We stayed on the Sun Set strip and in the horizon was some of the most beautiful residential architecture perched on steep hilly inclines. 

Point Dume Beach - Southern California -

We had to dedicate a day to beach hopping and exploring Malibu. Driving past Pepperdine University was a blast from the past as we had Zoey 101 flashbacks. S/Os to Brittany Spear’s lil sis, I hope she’s doing well. A hidden gem you have to check out is the Malibu Hindu Temple. Given the warm climate flora and fauna of SoCal, this temple fits right in. The towering marble blocks reflected the afternoon sun as a canopy of palm trees decorated it’s parameter. The atmosphere was blessed and quaint.

Karty reflection in Circular Mirror SoCa
Santa Monica Beach - Southern California

The culture and youthful energy of Venice was infectious. Beach volleyball, outdoor gyms, skate parks, Venice was certainly poppin. Being on Mount Dume in Malibu and peeking over the edge of Western Civilization will have you marveling at the geographic diversity that is the U.S.A. 


As lux and laid back as it is, the L.A county also has a booming homeless problem. Tents and destitute faces can be found from Hollywood to Venice.  


L.A has your fix of vegan/vegetarian options but what we really came for was the In’N’Out and it did not disappoint. I can say it is indisputably the best fast-food spot I’ve ever been to. A sandwich and cheesy fries to fill the void. 

Highway 1 - Southern California - Peepth
Karty in New Port beach - Southern Calif
Santa Monica Black & White Avenue - Sout
Malibu Cliff - Southern California - Pee
Santa Monica Palm Tree Shadow On Buildin
Malibu Mandir - Southern California - Pe
LA Skyline - Southern California - Peept


Sunrise - Frankfurt - Peepthasteez - Tra


Mohna 2 - Jamaica - Travel - Peepthastee
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