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Undoubtedly, this has been a year of much reflection and solitude. As the hustle and bustle of society came to an abrupt halt due to a global pandemic, many of us found ourselves confronted by our own mortality. The great Sean Carter once said, “It was all good just a week ago!” The daily routines disrupted, social gatherings on hold, it seems like the virus was putting humanity on time out. 


Every month in 2020 has packed the magnitude of a lifetime’s worth of lessons. As we hunkered down seeking cooperation with others in pursuit of a chosen goal, homes that would be empty all day were now filled. Priorities changed as work from home arrangements became the new norm for many. The house arrest forced many to bond with family, set boundaries with loved ones, embrace time alone and really distinguish the fine line between day drinking and alcoholism.

This project is born out of the choice we all have to perceive this year as a once in a lifetime opportunity to go inwards and know what matters most. Mohna and I chopped it up with the homies, talented Brampton creators @Brandon, @Cheyenne and @Khadijah to hear their perspective on what their message would be to the next generation based on transformative year of 2020.


Being native Bramptonians we reflected on the unique cultural dynamics of our dope ass city and the freedom of expression black and brown kids find here. We got a wealth of talent bubbling within sports, academia and the arts all incubated by the various different ethnicities coexisting. Much of what is considered Toronto talent globally traces its roots back to B-town. This is a place where the imagination of young melanated youth thrives.


For this shoot we wanted the summer sunlight to first and foremost glow up their skin, shine our friends in the purest of light and highlight introspection and the act of going inward as a tool of bringing illumination to the chaos in the world and making sense of it all.

Khadijah and Mohna first met when they were 11 at the infamous Balmoral Senior Public School. To witness the evolution of someone you’ve known since childhood is a special phenom. Khadijah balances motherhood (she has twins!), modelling and blogging effortlessly with grace. We asked Khadijah what her message is to the next generation. Being a mother, Khadijah’s stream of thoughts were rooted around her children and this was a great reminder of the selfless nature of parenthood and the unparalleled force driving her at all times, the presence of her children. Khadijah encourages her little ones to cultivate their discernment and autonomy by cultivating their God given natural faculties and not rely upon anyone else to give meaning to their life. She puts out brand new content weekly covering beauty, skin care, style and insights into motherhood. Make sure to give her a follow on IG

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Khadija - Reflections 2020 - Edited 8 -
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You can catch Cheyenne in your favourite artist’s music videos bringing a charm and energy that is unmatched. She has starred in videos for some talented Canadian artists such as Tobi, Jazz Cartier, Haviah Mighty, Shad, singer Witch Prophet and a slew of other projects showcasing her rhythm. We sat down and chopped it up with Cheyenne and soon discovered how immersed she is within her craft. When she’s not lighting up music videos she teaches dance classes to the youngin’s.


We asked her, “how long you been dancing for?” Figuring probably since childhood and she mentioned that her mother was dancing at parties and clubs in Trinidad while she was in the womb! Cheyenne mentioned the 20/20 hindsight vision is a goldmine for us all. The vision of a brighter future depends on accepting the present moment. Her love for expression through dance has been coded in her DNA since day one and she is a master at communicating this kinaesthetic intelligence in an infectious manner. Cheyenne wants the younger generation to realize the healing we wish to see in the world starts from addressing our issues first and foremost. Her consistent commitment towards honing her craft and sharing her gifts with the world is an inspiration. It was a pleasure to hear her reflect on the 2020 modness and the many personal realizations she has experienced.

Cheyenne Retouched 2 - IG Slider - Peept
Cheyenne 6 - IG Slider - Peepthasteez Re
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Cheyenne Writing - IG Slider - Peepthast
Cheyanne - Reflections 2020 - Edited 40
Cheyanne - Reflections 2020 - Edited 13
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Cheyenne Writing 2 - IG Slider - Peeptha
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Cheyanne - Reflections 2020 - Edited 53
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When he’s not in high school nurturing young minds as a teacher in the Peel District School Board, our good pal Brandon Graham uses his voice and athletic IQ on several hit podcasts providing astute analysis on the Canadian sports landscape and it’s connection globally. You can catch him interviewing some of the dopest sports personalities in Canada and abroad on his 1st & 10 podcast available on and making frequent guest appearances on Not With The Hype and The6thMan podcasts. Brandon’s message to the next generation is don’t wait for a calamity to resolve issues you can right now. Greatness of 2021 relies upon what you do with this moment. 

Reflections 2020 8 - IG Slider - Brandon
Reflections 2020 2 - IG Slider - Brandon
Reflections 2020 4 - IG Slider - Brandon
Reflections 2020 6 - IG Slider - Brandon
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Reflections 2020 5 - IG Slider - Brandon
Reflections 2020 1 - IG Slider - Brandon
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With respect to all we lost, wishing everyone increased enrichment of love with family, friends and most of all yourself. Happy new year y’all! 


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