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Who could’ve imagined such a desolate and harsh climate could prove to be so captivating? Joshua Tree National Park is marked with rugged rock formations, stark desert landscapes and of course the mighty and many cactus dotted across the Colorado Desert.

Moon In Night - Joshua Tree National Par

Bringing an abundance of water is key as you want to stay hydrated if hiking is in your plans. Bring a hat to keep your dome cool. Preparation is key or the summer heat will merk you. We loaded up on fresh fruits, water and a few cold ones ;) as we made our way to Keys View. 

Arriving as the sun was setting proved to be a wise decision. We were greeted with a majestic california sunset and the temperature became instantly pleasant. The San Andreas fault line can be seen snaking through the valley reminding you just how easy mother nature can flip the board and press reset on man made territories.

Keys View - Joshua Tree National Park -
Keys View Sun Set - Joshua Tree National
Desert 1 - Joshua Tree National Park - P
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