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In the early days of the Spanish inquisition, Cuba was the shining gem of the empire with Havan being a financial and trading headquarter only second to Madrid. Now however, much of that shine has been dimmed by the grips of a communist regime. We spent most of our time in Veradero enjoying the luxuries of the resort and white sandy beach.

Yellow Tables In Havana- Cuba - Peepthas

Cuba got over 60,000 of these classic American cars in circulation. The U.S embargo and the collapse of the USSR is when the current($y) really stopped flowing. It’s almost as if time it’s self slowed down. Economic stagnation still grips the nation heavy but they done one helluva job keeping these classics from turning into hoopties.

Man Crossing Street Havana -  Cuba - Pee
Red Car Bridge - Cuba - Peepthasteez - T
Man Fishing Havana - Cuba - Peepthasteez
Havana Intersection - Cuba - Peepthastee
Steering Wheel - Cuba - Peepthasteez - T
Chey Bel Air -  Cuba - Peepthasteez - Tr
Havana Parliament Building - Cuba - Peep
Man Between Cars - Cuba - Peepthasteez -

The day trip to Havana was the perfect getaway and opportunity to dive into the day to day living of the island. Rent a classic car, get a tour guide and immerse your self in the country’s rich history and culture. Our tour guide was kind enough to guide us to a restaurant within a home where we had a classic Cuban lunch that would have Anthony Bourdain raving. We even made time to grab some Cuban cigars or as the locals call it habanos. The people are friendly all though  a bit timid and restrained. Tourists can rest assured as the commie police will not hesitate to jail that ass as they wish to protect the tourism dollars at all costs. 

Classic Car & Flowers - Cuba - Peepthast
Havana Yellow Building -  Cuba - Peeptha


Washington Monument From Lincoln Memoria


Mohna on Rock at Joshua Tree - Joshua Tr
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