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A night in Paris is not enough time at all however it’s just enough to fall in love. The romance of the city truly comes from the preservation of antiquated architecture coupled with modernization The balance of old cobblestones with efficient mass transit and booming commercial and cultural spaces makes Paris a memorable time. Grabbing a quick bite for lunch, peeping the Eifel Tower of course and getting lost in Parisian neighborhoods was enough for me to be enthralled by this city. The narrow streets and alleyways of Europe are a stark yet beautiful contrast with spending your whole life in North America where we drive pickup trucks in 8 lane highways. I plan to be back when the timing aligns as I did not eat enough macaroons and did not get to hit up any of the museums. My history itch needs to be satisfied and I need to take in more Parisian flavors.

Layer Cake Buidling - Paris - Peepthaste
Eifel Tower - Paris - Peepthasteez - Tra
Eifel Tower Models - Paris - Peepthastee
Mohna On Street - Paris - Peepthasteez -
Eifel Tower Front View - Paris - Peeptha
car in paris.jpg
Windows - Paris - Peepthasteez - Travel.
Eifel Tower Peepthasteez Sticker - Paris
Fountain - Paris - Peepthasteez - Travel
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